Sitting is “Killing” You!!

Sitting is "Killing" You

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Many of my clients witness me preaching about how sitting for extended periods of time is not natural for the human body.  Recent research studies have produced data that indicates significant stress on the spine when factors of ergonomics (ie. sitting angle) and length of time are present.  A suburb graphic recently shared with me, and I pass it along to you.  This graphic effectively illustrates my concerns surrounding this phenomenon by sharing data produced from the recent research findings.  I encourage everyone to utilize this as your ignition toward making changes in your workplace, at home, and your general lifestyle. Granted, today’s typical workplace demands and duties place the expectation on individuals to be seated at a desk for hours on end…. however, at the very least, continue reading  for suggestions to minimize the effects on your body.  Continue reading the rest of this blog entry as the illustration follows my set recommendations below.

1) Move around as often as possible.

Staying in a solitary position for too long places muscle and other soft tissues though conditions that are unnatural for their purposes, thereby causing harm and injury.  Scar tissue builds up around the soft tissue and propagates a pain/tension cycle that, once chronic, can be timely to address.  See my ART (Active Release Techniques) page for more information regarding scar tissue.

2) Exercise and eat right!!!

Building and maintaining muscle strength and endurance will assist your body in combating the stresses placed on it during prolonged activity.  Fueling your body with a healthy diet makes the process that much more efficient and effective.

3) Stay hydrated!

Sure, caffeine may help you wash away your grogginess but it should not take the place of water.  In fact, coffee dehydrates.  Your body requires hydration for many purposes.  Tie in the exercise component as well.  Exercise can be energizing and stimulating enough to replace your “need” for that grande, double shot, extra hot americano.

4) Therapeutic maintenance (Schedule a massage therapy session at least once per month)

To help address the continuous collection of stress on your body, place preventative maintenance as a priority.  In addition to the above stated recommendations, schedule time aside once a month for a massage therapy session.  For mental health/stress, consider a Registered Clinical Councillor.  For combined physical and mental health, consider Yoga.  The options are there, you just have to make it a priority.

I could go on. Each individual is… well… individual…. and requires a specially designed approach in dealing with their pain/tension issues.  Please feel free to contact me regarding your maintenance programs.  Allow me to help you get your body back on track.

Sitting is Killing You
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