NEW – Initial Massage Visit Forms Now Downloadable

As of today, my initial massage visit forms are available to download from the contact page of  These forms are required for all clients to complete prior to the commencement of their first massage therapy visit.  Doing so gives me a quick glimpse of your medical history relating to your injury, thereby decreasing the amount of time needed to chat about the condition and allowing greater focus on assessment and treatment.  Aside from the medical history, these forms also include:

1) a section to indicate your consent for treatment,

2) a description of my cancellation policy, and

3) a short survey asking who/what referred to my massage therapy practice.

I hope this will provide you with some convenience when seeing me for your first massage or active release techniques (ART) visit.  Normally, I ask my massage therapy clients to arrive early to fill out the forms.  This option will hopefully eliminate the requirement to arrive 15 minutes early, freeing up time for you to plan your arrival with less stress.  Regardless, it’s always recommended that you arrive before your scheduled time.  Arriving early helps ensure your will receive the full length of your scheduled session, and not affect other clients that have massage treatments after you.  Arriving fully prepared… well… that’s a bonus!!

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