The Summer of Sore

Summer is here….. and so are the injuries associated with it.  This wonderful, bright and warm time of year brings out the active side of many.  All of a sudden, we see a steep increase in the participation of many outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking, triathlon, running, rock-climbing, softball, soccer, ultimate, and more.  People taking advantage of the dry and sunny weather, getting their fill before Mother Nature turns the tables around on us come October.

Whether the summer athlete is a seasoned participant applying their skill in competition for which they trained all winter, or the ‘summer warrior’ suddenly involved in an outdoor activity after a sedentary winter, sport-related injuries are prevalent.  Everything from twisted ankles to whiplash injuries occur. But for each individual, the extent of the injury is as variable as the activities to which we expose ourselves. Is your injury a mild strain that recurs every-so-often or a one-time tweak that prevents you from getting back into the summer routine you desire? What are you doing to keep yourself going? What are you doing to return to playing-form sooner?

If you haven’t done so, consider booking a Massage Therapy or Active Release Techniques (ART) appointment to address your condition.  Soft-tissue injuries don’t need to keep you on the sidelines when you crave to be in the action. In the short term, soft-tissue injuries can be addressed to get you back in the game. Recurring conditions can be prevented by using therapy to ‘stay ahead of the game’.  Massage Therapy or ART may only represent one piece of your puzzle, but it can definitely play an important role in your recovery or as a preventative maintenance routine when combined with other self-care practices.

Book an appointment today. Stay in the game!!

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